Welcome to Rainbow Art, a world where traditional art form in name painting and paper art have become contemporary keep sakes for friends and families alike. Stunning as well as captivating, Rainbow Art’s unique name paintings will delight any customer. Each letter’s own elegance and beauty creates a sense of individuality within each letter, yet as a whole, each letter contributes to a unifying and harmonious theme. This personalized name paintings are unique gifts and are fun to give and receive for newborn baby, birthday gift, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Wedding anniversary, and decoration.

This beauty and elegance goes to Rainbow Art’s Hanji Traditional paper art as well. Hanji, known as Korean traditional paper, is visual treat to anyone for it creates a sense of depth, texture, and contrast with each piece of Hanji paper. Layer after layer, Hanji paper art creates an almost moving sense of scenery which appeals to the hearts of many. We hope to hear from you soon.